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Upgrade Call-out Service

Priced at $1440, this is an equivalent of 16h on-site or 22.5h off-site and includes up to 2 environments.

We strongly recommend to have a test environment and perform the upgrade there first using your production data restored from a backup, to see how long the upgrade will take for your data set and hardware configuration and eliminate possible data issues, incompatibilities with plugins and custom add-ons.

We also encourage our customers to have a week in between for your team to have a chance to get used to new features and do a bit of the UAT.

During that week we log all the issues you've discovered and aim to deal with them before the production installation.

Additional environments can be added for $720. If the complexity of your setup may prevent us from performing this service on the fixed-cost basis we will advise you immediately.

Questions to Ask Your Team

  1. Can remote access (ssh or Remote Desktop) be provided to TechTime? Access can be limited to specific static IPs.
  2. What versions of Atlassian products are being used? What versions are desired?
  3. What platform is in use in production: OS, distributive and version. Is it running on a physical host or a VM?
  4. Who is looking after this host/VM? What if something needs changing (memory, HDD space)? Will it be possible to give TechTime admin-level access?
  5. What DB is currently used? Who handles DB-related questions ie access, running SQL statements if required?
  6. Are backups up to date and where can they be found?
  7. Do you already have a test environment? If not, would a temporary cloud instance in Amazon EC2 be acceptable (i.e. how sensitive is your data)?
  8. Do the environments have access to Internet either direct or through proxy? If through proxy, what are the proxy details.
  9. Does the existing license make you eligible for the upgrade or will you need to renew?
  10. What, if any, are the important plug-ins being used?
  11. What, if any, customisations have been applied to your Atlassian product and will need to be migrated?
  12. Do you have a test plan?
  13. When approximately is this upgrade expected to be performed?
  14. What downtime/outage procedures are observed, who has to be notified/updated on progress.
  15. Are there any documents/agreements that we need to sign (NDA/contracts)? Are there any security checks/requirements TechTime needs to fulfill before we can take on this project?
  16. Who will be supporting the installation after the upgrade?